slap him, lydia

slap him right in the bruise

You know, one thing that saved this scene for me was Lydia. She didn’t look at him like, “Aw, Stiles, that’s so sweet that you care for me so much.” She looked at him like, “Wow, you are so tripping out on your your own damn issues.” She clearly knew this entire tirade had very little to do with her. When she backed away, she seemed scared and intimidated, but it also seemed tied to her understanding that Stiles was freaking out—not over her, but just freaking out. I understand people’s problems with what Stiles said. Over all, though, I liked the scene because it was about Stiles, not about Stiles and Lydia, and Stiles being all about him when it shouldn’t have been. I think he’s broken here and broken people deserve a bit of a break from saying and doing exactly the right thing. He saw his father almost die while he was helpless. He just gave up Derek to Gerard. He’s seen the face of his own mortality in a way that has paralyzed him at his core. And he’s failed himself and people who trust him miserably. He’s probably missing his mom like nuts, and seeing his father’s face when he returned cemented the cost of what he’s been trying to face. Like Derek, he’s ranting at the wrong person, (nice parallel btw) but he’s not talking to Lydia here. Even if he should be and appears to be. I don’t know…this scene just doesn’t set me off the way it seems to set off other people. I mainly just feel for both of them deeply.

YES. This.

I’m glad that the SHOW know that what Stiles is doing here is skeevy and that he’s projecting and that he’s making her issues and concerns all about HIM. And that’s not kosher. And they SHOWED that’s not kosher.

Which lets me believe that the show won’t fuck the rest of it up.

As much as I do like Stiles and feel he wasn’t talking to/about Lydia in this scene, I still didn’t like this conversation. At all. 

Because this is the first time we’ve seen Lydia properly in a while. This scene is supposed to be about her coming to find out what the FUCK is going on and to recruit Stiles to her plan. 

Instead we get Stiles ranting at Lydia about things that are absolutely beyond her control and - more than that - none of his fucking problem. 

So yeah, I believe he wasn’t really talking to Lydia. But that’s mostly because he’s never really talking to Lydia - he’s always talking to his ideal of her. ActualPerson! Lydia was treated like shit in this scene for no fucking reason and that is not okay. 

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